About this website

Hi! This website will serve as a repository for translations of my collection of Tales of Eternia side content. Translated text/image content will be uploaded here, and I'll link to subtitled videos of game story scenes, drama CDs, and interviews on my Youtube channel.

What does "yaminabe" mean?

"Yaminabe" is a recipe used in Eternia and no other Tales games as far as I know. The name used in the Namco English official version is "dark pot." In real life, it refers to a party game where guests bring their own secret ingredients to add to a hot-pot stew. In its most orthodox format, party guests will put their ingredients in the cooking pot ("nabe") after turning off the lights, in the "yami" (dark). Since a random combination of ingredients has unpredictable effects when mixed together, the recipe in Eternia also has random effects and could poison or heal you. And "yaminabe" can also be used as part of an expression to describe an unrelated assortment of things thrown together.

As for why I chose this name... No special reason other than the Eternia connection. Perhaps it's a suitable name for a collection of all the random side content that Eternia has accumulated over the years?

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