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On this page I'll be posting character profiles translated from the guidebooks and Tales encyclopedias. I will compile items from several different books, with each entry's origin indicated by an abbreviation at the end. I'm choosing entries to include at random depending on what seems interesting or useful at the time, and adding them to this page in English alphabetical order. Eventually I hope to include every Eternia-related encyclopedia entry from all of the official guidebooks.

Entries for all other game-specific terms go on the main encyclopedia page.

The localization conventions used here will be a mixture of the one used by the official Namco script, and one that I'm currently devising for use in my script retranslation project. My aim is to bring the spellings of nouns closer to how they are pronounced in the Japanese script, while taking their euphony in English and etymology into account. This is a work in progress, so the spellings of nouns might shift over time. For words in Inferian or Melnics whose pronunciations aren't immediately obvious, I'll provide parenthetical phonetic guides in US English that are based on the original pronunciations.

The sources for this page are listed as follows:

All of the text in the entries below is translated directly from these sources. If I add my own comments, they'll be in colored text like this.

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Main Characters


Side Characters:


A young thief of Barole. After taking Farah's scolding to heart, he reformed his ways and now works around the clock at the general store, training with all his might to become the greatest merchant in Barole. (Famitsu, p27)

Carlisle (or Carlyle)
A dean at the University of Mintz. He is a devout member of the Church of Seyfert, and believes in accordance with their teachings that the Dark Orb is a good omen. Consequently, he refuses to accept Keele's theory of Cascading Global Collapse, which states that the Orb's appearance is a harbinger of global catastrophe, and has Keele cast out of the university for advocating heresy. (Famitsu, p20. Carlisle/Carlyle is a common English surname, but considering the scientific history theme that Toyoda followed in naming many of his characters, in this case it might be inspired by Anthony Carlisle who was the discoverer of electrolysis.)

A 29-year-old receptionist in the main building of the University of Mintz. She seemed slightly nervous during her appearance as a guest at the Bistro Chambard. Gina is a native of Barole. (Famitsu, p22)

Nicolas MAZET (NEE-ko-la MAZ-zet)
Dr. Nicolas Mazet is an authority in the field of Melnics linguistic research, and a mentor to Keele. He was the one who discovered Keele's academic talent, and it was on the strength of his recommendation that the University of Mintz was persuaded to give Keele a special exemption to enroll at the age of 13. He used to be a professor at Mintz, but as he felt uneasy with the prominent role that politics took in academia, eventually retired to the village of Morle where he now lives a quiet life. He is someone who knows Keele well, and is familiar with both the good and bad sides of Keele's character. Their meeting in Morle is their first time seeing each other in three years. This memorable figure is known for delivering pithy quotes such as, "You must study the unknowable. For that is the true meaning of scholarship," and giving adorably flustered reactions like, "!?!?!?" (Famitsu, p28)

Farah's father, and a respected village mayor despite his young age. Ten years ago, he entered Regulus Knoll searching for Farah, Reid, and Keele, but was possessed by a portion of Nereid whose seal had been broken and turned into a monster; shortly thereafter, he went to attack Raschouane. Half of the villagers lost their lives as a result of the incident, and Norris himself was slain by the rest of the villagers. He was 36 years old at the time of his death. (Famitsu, p26)

A student at the University of Mintz, and fiancé to Catherine. While planning to present his research at an academic conference in Inferia City, he entrusts his sweetheart Catherine with the task of compiling the materials he needs, and then travels on ahead to the Royal Observatory to make preparations. (Famitsu, p27)

The Inferian wife of Aifread, the legendary pirate. Aifread once lived an unrestrained life of endless pillaging, but after he crossed the Bridge of Expedition to Inferia and married Rosania, he changed and became a virtuous outlaw. The story of the time when Rosania, then living in unhappy circumstances, was led by Aifread to the Van Eltia to travel to Celestia, has been passed down in Inferia as the Legend of the Celestial Maiden. It should be noted that where the couple first met was in Celestia, and that they were wed only when Aifread went to reunite with Rosania after she returned to Inferia. It is unknown why and how Rosania ended up in Celestia in the first place. (Famitsu, p29)

Sanc (or Zank)
A research colleague and peer of Keele's in the Light Craymel Research Laboratory at the University of Mintz. He is concerned about Keele, who had been banished from the university by the dean, Carlisle. (Famitsu, p22)

The current Queen of Inferia. Her hobbies include maintaining a beautiful appearance and watching criminals get executed, while one of her main dislikes is having to interact with commoners. She jealously guards her status as queen and cannot stand the King having any relationships with other women. Thus, when her relationship with him soured, she blamed Rhona, his favorite mistress, and hounded her into committing suicide via poisoning. Due to the awkward situation caused by being responsible for the suicide of Rassius' mother, she tolerates the King granting him a high position at court. (Famitsu, p24)

Mother of Keele. She does not think highly of Reid, who is always dragging Keele around with him. (Famitsu, p28)


The previous Overlord of Celestia, and descendant of Gilliam. Bilial was once a courageous man, but when he observed Balir's popularity rising among the people, he felt that his own status was under threat. Birial subsequently plotted against Balir and had him killed. However, his actions became the trigger that unleashed Shizel's Dark Aurora powers, which then obliterated him in an instant. (Famitsu, p27)

An 8-year-old boy who lives in Aimen. He can always be found walking behind his big sister Lotte and imitating everything she does. He was attacked by Hyades, but was rescued by Reid and the rest of the party in the nick of time. After Lotte perished in the attack, Sagura took him into his care. (Famitsu, p28. This name is written in the game text as "Bonz," but in the guidebook as "Ponz." I take the latter to be a misprint.)

Brenda (or Bulenda)
45 years old. She is married to Sagura, the proprietor of a weapons workshop in Aimen, where she primarily handles the production of explosives. She is generally reserved and quiet, but can speak rather aggressively at times. Brenda ends up losing her life at the hands of Hyades. (Famitsu, p27)

Hyades (HEE-ya-dess)
54 years old. As an assistant to the regional lord Balir, Hyades was his loyal subordinate, a man with a timid but kind-hearted nature who often took care of Meredy when she was a young child. However, he was forced to betray his master when the Overlord Birial, who felt alarmed by Balir's popularity, kidnapped Hyades' daughter to use as a hostage. After Balir was murdered, Shizel used Hyades' betrayal as an excuse to perform experiments on him with Dark Aurora magic, destroying his mind in the process. From then on, he spent his life as a maniacal killer, going place to place slaughtering anyone who stood in the way of Shizel's plans, including massacring the inhabitants of Aimen. For some unknown reason, he drops an egg when he is killed, offering a glimpse into the depths of madness of this broken human being. (Famitsu, p27. His name is taken from the star cluster Hyades.)

A 15-year-old girl who lives in Imen, and is a friend of Meredy's. She took her younger brother Bonz away from their deadbeat parents and is raising him responsibly on her own despite her youthful age. She happens to have a crush on Kukrol who works at the alchemist's workshop. Lotte is killed in Hyades' attack on Imen. Her last words when she drew her final breath were a bit sad. (Famitsu, p29)

Lysithea (or Lesitia) (lih-SITH-ee-uh)
A 35-year-old painter who is married to Fogg. While traveling around Celestia with her childhood friend Vance, they met Fogg along the way. Vance and Fogg became fast friends and co-founders of Silueshka. But then, eight years ago, Vance perished at sea at the Battle of Peyruti. Lysithea, who survived the incident, had already felt secretly drawn to Fogg, and after a period of being aggressively courted by him, their romance blossomed and they were wed. However, Lysithea could not help feeling a sense of guilt after Vance's untimely death, and felt unable to throw herself unreservedly into Fogg's arms. Amidst her turmoil, she ended up running away from home. Fogg believes that the reason she left was to go on a journey to bring closure to her feelings for Vance. But in fact, her heart already belonged to Fogg, and she only meant to paint while traveling as a way of paying tribute to Vance's memory. Indeed, Lysithea realizes over the course of her journey that what she really wanted to paint was her husband after all. (Famitsu, p29. Lysithea is named after one of Jupiter's moons.)

Aifread's comrade, and a brilliant craymel engineer who repaired and reconstructed unearthed ruins and equipment from the Melnics era, including the Bridge of Expedition, the Relay Station, and the Van Eltia. Some say that if not for him, Aifread would never have attained the renown he has today. (Famitsu, p28)

Vance (or Vaghn)
A surveyor, and formerly Silueshka's chief of staff. While wandering the world with his childhood friend Lysithea, he met Fogg and became close friends. Together, they founded the Silueshka army. Eight years ago, he was killed saving Fogg's life during the naval Battle of Peyruti. (Famitsu, p19)

Greater Craymels

The Greater Craymel of Ice. She lost control of herself as a result of the negative influence of the Grand Fall, causing her to plunge Peyruti into a deep freeze. She has an assertive, but sensitive temperament. Does not care for Efreet. (Famitsu, p24)

The Greater Craymel of Earth. On Celestia, the earth craymels that dwell in soil, rock, sand, or metals determine what mineral or metallic properties those substances have. Gnome appears in the form of a stuffed animal wearing a nightcap, and tends to be a bit slow and take his time doing things. (Famitsu, p26)

Undine (oon-DEE-neh)
The Greater Craymel of Water. Her outward form consists of liquid that takes on the shape of a human woman. She is overflowing with loving-kindness and possesses immense sympathy and affection towards humans. Volt, the Greater Craymel of Lightning, is her natural enemy. (Famitsu, p19)

The Greater Craymel of Lightning. It takes the appearance of a silver-colored sperical mass that shoots out electricity. Its mechanistic and logical manner of thinking sets it apart from the other Greater Craymels. Does not get along with Undine, the Greater Craymel of Water. (Famitsu, p19)

Cameo Characters

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