Welcome to my guide to the skits in Tales of Eternia. Spoilers ahead.

Camping skits can be activated from the "camp" menu option on the world map or at camping sites within dungeons. Each skit can only be activated once in-game, and each one is only available during a window of time that depends on various factors such as location, preceding event, items in inventory, etc. Most skits are tied to certain story events, and become inaccessible if the player doesn't camp to view the skits immediately afterwards. Other skits can appear over longer periods of time and are not tied to specific events in the story timeline, but may be linked to other player actions. In the guide below, I will list all 264 skits and the conditions needed to trigger each one, based on information in the official guidebooks and my own experience playing the game many times. Each skit has an official number, but the number doesn't always correspond to the order in which they appear in the game. Therefore, I will group them by story event, or category of skit if not tied to an event. All names are listed according to my new translation of the game that's still in progress.

Camping skits are numbered in this guide as C#. Hint skits (their official name for this game, but perhaps better known as navigational skits) can be activated through pressing the Select key while on the world map. There are 80 hint skits, and they are numbered in this guide as H#, starting from H265. Every skit will be listed here whether playable or not.

Each skit is listed according to the first story event after which they become accessible. For many skits that aren't directly tied to a story event, the player doesn't necessarily have to play the skit exactly when they first become accessible, but just keep in mind that many skits do have a time limit and will no longer be playable past clearing a certain event. I'll list in parentheses at what point the skits can no longer be seen. Unless specified to be at a camping spot, all skits are to be played on the world map.

Placenames on this page are spelled according to the official Namco English localization. Someday, when my re-translation project is complete and playable, then I'll change these spellings to the scheme used in that script.

(There are a handful of skits that I couldn't find a way to trigger, and as far as I can tell from my research on the Japanese side of the internet, that no one else has been able to find in-game either. But they are still accessible from the Debug menu and post-game Sound Test menu. I will group them below with the event or category that seems to be appropriate.)


After leaving the village of Rasheans for the first time, the following skits will play on the world map:
H265, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C10, C12, C13

After the short Rasheans river bridge event, on the bridge itself:
C9 (This skit becomes inaccessible once the party reaches Morle.)

Note: Letting Meredy cook before you clear all of the Morle-related skits will lock you out of playing skit C52.

Rasheans River Pier/Regulus Dojo

After the first Rasheans River Pier event:
H266, C14, C15 (before entering Regulus Dojo or Inferia City)

After entering Regulus Dojo:
H267 (after dialogue at base of stairs, but before going inside the Dojo building)

After Regulus Dojo event:
H268 (before second Rasheans River Pier event)


After rafting down the river and arriving near Mintche:

After entering Mintche:
C17, C18, C19, H270 (before speaking to Zank at the university)

After leaving Mintche for Mt. Mintche:

At the Mt. Mintche camping spot on the way to the observatory:
H272 (missing; seems like it should play before reaching observatory), C11

At the Mt. Mintche camping spot on the way back from the observatory:

After the Mt. Mintche observatory story event:
H273, C21, C22, C23, C24, C25, C26, C27, C28, C29 (before reaching Barole, must have played C15), C30, C31

Nostos Cave

At the Nostos Cave camping spot:
C20 (before reaching Morle)

After leaving Nostos Cave:


After entering Morle:
H275 (after having a conversation in front of Prof. Mazet's house, but before speaking to him)

At Morle dungeon camping spot after boss battle:
C40 (before reaching Inferia City, must have played C11), C42 (before reaching Port of Inferia)

After leaving Morle village:
H276, C34 (before reaching Forest of Temptation), C35, C36, C37, C38, C41, C43, C44, C46, C47, C48, C49, C50, C51, C52 (before reaching Mt. Farlos, Meredy must not have cooked before), C53

Undine Stream

After entering Undine Stream:
H277 (after speaking to Undine inside the camping cave, but before the boss battle)

After boss battle:
H278, C55, C56

Forest of Temptation

After entering the Forest of Temptation:
H279 (before clearing the Forest), C57 (before leaving Port of Inferia), C58 (before leaving Port of Inferia, must have played C34)

At the Forest of Temptation camping spot:
C33 (before leaving Port of Inferia, must have played C20)

After leaving the Forest of Temptation:

Inferia City

Approaching Inferia City:
C39 (before entering Inferia City, must have played C38)

After entering Inferia City:
H281 (before getting arrested in front of the church)

After leaving Inferia City:
H282, C59, C60, C61, C62 (missing), C64

Port of Inferia

After entering Port of Inferia:
H283 (before leaving for Barole), C32 (after cooking Fish Stew for the first time, before reaching Mt. Farlos)

Barole Port

After entering Barole Port:
H342 (This skit plays at 5 different points in the game. The first time it's viewable is right after arriving in port and before entering the city of Barole or engaging in any fighting nearby.)

After leaving Barole Port:
C67, C68 (before reaching Sylph Cavern, must have played C57)


Approaching Barole:
H284 (after fighting a battle, but before entering the town)

After entering Barole:
H285 (before meeting Ras)

After Ras joins the party:
H286, C63, C71, C73, C74, C76

After eating Pot Pie for the first time:

Sylph Cavern

After entering Sylph Cavern:
H287 (before boss battle)

At the Sylph Cavern camping spot:
C70 (before clearing Efreet Gorge event), C75

After leaving Sylph Cavern:
H288, C69 (before reaching Efreet Gorge, must have played C58), C77, C78, C79, C81, C83, C86, C87, C89, C84 (before reaching Efreet Gorge, must have played C69), C85 (before reaching Efreet Gorge, must have played C68)

Interlude (before Efreet Gorge)

At Undine Stream camping spot:
C54 (after reaching Forest of Temptation, before reaching Efreet Gorge, must have played C33, Keele in party. Although this skit is technically available earlier, it's much easier to get back to Undine Stream after getting the Aerial Board rather than having to backtrack through the Forest of Temptation.)

Near Barole:
C65 (after having left Barole Port, before reaching Mt. Farlos, must have played C39, Keele in party. You also have the option of coming back to Barole for this one after Chambard/Efreet Gorge, as long as it's before Mt. Farlos and after getting Keele back.)

Chambard/Efreet Gorge

Approaching Chambard:
C255 (after clearing Sylph Cavern, before clearing Shizel Castle, Keele in party), C256 (after clearing Sylph Cavern, before clearing Shizel Castle)

After entering Chambard:
C90 (before clearing Mt. Farlos)

After entering Efreet Gorge:
H289 (before boss battle), H290 (missing. It seems like it should play after the conversation about Bridge of Light.)

At Efreet Gorge camping spot:
C82 (after leaving Sylph Cavern, before reaching Mt Farlos), C88 (after leaving Sylph Cavern, before reaching Mt Farlos), C91 (before boss battle), C95 (after boss battle)

After leaving Efreet Gorge:
H291, C93, C94, C96 (before reaching Mt. Farlos, after playing C84), C101, C102 (before clearing Mt Farlos, after playing C85), C100 (before reaching Farlos Sanctuary), C66 (before reaching Mt. Farlos, after playing C65)

Interlude in Inferia (before crossing the Bridge of Light)

Letters From the Past (after leaving Efreet Gorge and before arriving at Farlos Sanctuary):
C97 (near Chambard), C98 (near Inferia City), C99 (near Rasheans)

Mt. Farlos

After entering Farlos Sanctuary:
H292, H293 (missing. It seems like it should play after Farah goes missing and before meeting up with her at the top of the mountain, but I couldn't find a way to get back to the world map in between those points), H78 (after meeting up again with Farah at the summit, and before crossing the Bridge of Light)

Cape Fortress/Imen

After reaching Cape Fortress:
H294, C103, C104, C105, C106, C108, C109 (before Imen 2nd event)

After entering Imen:

After leaving Imen:
C110 (before reaching Luishka ruins), C111, C116


Approaching the ruined town of Luishka:
H296, C114 (before Imen [II], after playing C66)

After entering Luishka:
H297, C117 (before clearing Mine of Gnome, after playing C110)

After leaving Luishka:
H298, C119 (before Imen [II], after playing C29), C120, C121

Mine of Gnome/Chat's Hut

After entering Mine of Gnome:
H342 (before boss battle), H299 (missing. seems like it should play after entering the mine, or at the latest, meeting the Earth Craymels and before the boss battle, but only 78 plays)

Note: Unearthing Colain's Pot on this visit will lock you out of skit C243 around the end of the game.

At Mine of Gnome camping spot:
C45 (before Imen [II]), C113 (before Imen [II]), C107 (before reaching Tinnsia), C112 (before Imen [II], after playing C40), C118 (before reaching Chat's Hut), C122 (before clearing Gnome's boss battle), C123 (before reaching Balir's Castle)

After leaving Mine of Gnome:
H300, C124 (before Imen [II], after playing C118), C125 (before reaching Peruti, after playing C117), C126, C251 (before clearing Shizel Castle, Sylph & Gnome in same C.Cage)

After Chat's Hut boss battle:
H301 (after Chat's introduction, before deciding whether to become deckhands), H302 (missing. no way to get back to world map between becoming Chat's deckhand and entering Peruti)

Peruti/Mt. Celsius

After entering Peruti:
H303, C115 (before Imen [II], after playing C114, must be near Peruti), C128 (before clearing Mt. Celsius, after playing C125), C257 (before clearing Shizel Castle, in snowy landscape, Keele in party)

After getting winter gear in Peruti:
H304, C129, C130

After entering Mt. Celsius:

At the Mt. Celsius camping spot:
C131 (before boss battle)

After Mt. Celsius boss battle:
H306, C132 (before leaving Peruti, after C128), C133, C253 (before clearing Shizel Castle, Efreet & Celsius in same C.Cage)

After leaving Peruti:

Imen (II)

After adding Chat to the party:
C127 (before clearing Balir Castle)

Approaching Imen (II):
H308, C134, C136 (before reaching Tinnsia, must have played C132)

At any camping spot:
C135 (after leaving Imen [II], before reaching Tinnsia. This skit is available for a very short period in between consecutive events, and can only be played at a camping spot. The most convenient one is likely Mt. Celsius which we left not long ago. It's also convenient to stop by in Peruti to follow up with Guston and buy any needed supplies.)


Approaching Tinnsia:
H309, C137 (before reaching Balir Castle, must have played C136)

After leaving Tinnsia:
H310, C138, C139, C140 (before returning to Tinnsia, Max in party), C141 (before reaching Balir Castle, Max in party), C142 (before reaching Balir Castle, Max and Chat in party), C143 (before reaching Balir Castle, Max and Chat in party), C144 (before reaching Regulus Knoll, Max and Chat in party), C146 (before reaching Balir Castle, Max in party)

Ruins of Volt

Approaching the Ruins of Volt:
H311 (before boss battle)

At Ruins of Volt camping spot:
C145 (after leaving Tinnsia, before reaching Balir Castle, Max and Chat in party)

After boss battle:

Balir Castle

Anywhere on the world map, after the Van Eltia docks at Balir Castle:
H315 (before meeting Shizel), C148 (before clearing Balir Castle, must have played C137), C149, C150 (before clearing Balir Castle, must have played C148), C151 (before clearing Balir Castle), C152 (before clearing Balir Castle), C156 (before clearing Balir Castle)

At Balir Castle camping spot, before boss battle:
C153, C154, C157 (must have played C150)

At Balir Castle camping spot, after boss battle
C160 (before reaching Seyfert Garden)

On world map, after boss battle:
H316, C158, C159 (before clearing Seyfert Shrine, must have played C119), C162 (before reaching Seyfert Observatory, must have played C127, Chat in party)

Luishka/Tinnsia (II)

After leaving Luishka:
H317, C164, C169 (before reaching Seyfert Shrine)

After leaving Tinnsia:
H318, C147 (before remodeling Van Eltia with Aifish, Max in party), C155 (before remodeling Van Eltia with Aifish, Max in party, must have played C140), C161 (before remodeling Van Eltia with Aifish, Chat and Max in party), C165, C170 (before remodeling Van Eltia with Aifish, Max in party, must have played C155)

At any camping spot:
C163 (before clearing Seyfert Shrine), C171 (before reaching Regulus Knoll, Max in party)

Seyfert Shrine

After leaving Seyfert Shrine:
H320, C176 (before reaching Seyfert Garden, must have played C153), C177, C178 (before reaching Seyfert Observatory, Max in party), C179 (before remodeling Van Eltia with Aifish, Chat in party), C182, C183, C184 (before reaching Shizel Castle, Chat in party)

At any camping spot (before reaching Seyfert Observatory):
C180, C181

Chat's Hut (II)

After leaving Chat's Hut:

Interlude on the way to Aifread's Cavern:
C172 (before leaving Seyfert Observatory, must have played C115. You must be near Tinnsia for this one to play. Since Aifread's Cavern is located south of Tinnsia, it would be a convenient time to stop there to resupply if needed.)

Aifread's Cavern

After entering Aifread's Cavern:
H322, C185 (before remodeling Van Eltia with Aifish), C186 (before remodeling Van Eltia with Aifish, must have played C169)

After remodeling the Van Eltia with the Aifish:
H323, C187

Interlude in Celestia (before crossing the Bridge of Expedition)

Melnics 101 (after leaving Aifread's Cavern, before arriving at Seyfert Garden):
C188 (near Tinnsia), C189 (near Chat's Hut), C190 (near Imen), C191 (near Peruti)


Bridge of Expedition

Interlude (between Bridge of Expedition)

Inferia City (II)

Tinnsia (III)

Regulus Knoll

Interlude (?)

Prelude to Shizel Castle

Shizel Castle Finale

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